Victorian Charm

Victorian Charm is nestled within the Historic village of Berlin Maryland. (a short 7 miles from the resort town of Ocean City).

1950s Wedding Decorations

Choosing the right venue will save you a lot of decorations, so we’re great advocates of choosing the perfect venue.

If you’re going for a less formal wedding reception, then a retro pub or a malt shop will be quite appropriate as your wedding location. But if you prefer something classier, there are lots of hotels and inns which still bear the right dated atmosphere, which should meet your need for a classy place and the right 1950s feel.

If you think you still need further decorations to highlight your chosen theme, then adding anything related to these elements will further accentuate it – polka dots, poodle skirt, jukebox, vinyl records, Elvis Presley, (and other 1950s artists), and Coca Cola are just a few examples.

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We’ll leave the color to you, but we think that your tablecloth should have polka dots to make them perfect for your 1950s wedding.

For your table decorations, we think using one of those old Coca Cola bottles as your flower vase will work as your centerpiece. So will a collection of vinyl records in a stand of some sort. If you don’t mind going for edible centerpieces, we think that a bowl or shallow dish containing retro candies from the 50s will make you a colorful centerpiece and at the same time, can satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. So will dotted cupcakes in a cake stand of some sort.

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However, we love personalized centerpiece ideas so we’re pitching this in. How about some black and white photos showcasing you and your future hubby in a romantic pose? Or better yet, pick a romantic 1950s movie of your choice and arrange everything so you and your groom can do a scene or pose from said movie. Whether you go one way or the other, we think that having this photo as your table decoration will be very theme-based and a wonderful addition to your guest tables.

We will leave it to you whether to get balloons, but if you happen to be among the group of people who feels their wedding will not be complete without balloons, feel free to add balloons in your chosen motif and that should still work with the other things you have prepared for your 1950s wedding.