Alice in Wonderland Wedding Decorations Part 1

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Decorations

You have an option to go for an inn with the right British atmosphere, a castle courtyard (or something similar), or a hotel’s ballroom. If at one glance it doesn’t seem like a wonderland to you, no worries, since that is where the rest of the decorations will come in.

If your location comes with lots of trees, then adding a balloon tree or two amidst those trees will help set the right atmosphere. Balloon trees are basically a bunch of balloon arranged on trunk-like cardboard to make you a tree. Balloons here can be red and/or white. They can come in your typical oblong shape, or better yet, get some card suit shaped ones, especially heart, since who can forget the Queen of Hearts, right?

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On your reception room entrance, asking friends to act like guards wearing a card suit costume is quite cool. We also think adding an arc made of balloons in the shape of the different card suits will add a lot to the atmosphere you want to set. We also attended an Alice party which required us to drink a concoction, which is supposed to shrink us and allow us to enter a “small” door. We loved it, and if you think this idea is a great addition to your wedding, then be sure to add this one.

The great thing about Alice and friends is that there are lots of elements that you can make use of that can aid your decorations and here are just a few samples: tea pots and cups, chess pieces, flamingo, card suits, queen of hearts, Cheshire cat, mushrooms, that caterpillar, and who can forget Mr. White Rabbit and his famous time piece? A giant photo or decorated cutouts of said elements planted on the right places will further stress your love for Alice.

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