Alice in Wonderland Wedding Decorations Part 2

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Decorations

If you are up to it, you can even invite someone to stand as the King and Queen of Hearts, although we don’t see a problem if you and your hubby decided to do so yourselves. Just make sure you have your crowns and your thrones properly set on the right location and you’re all set.

Something white and lacey can be your tablecloth, and your centerpiece can be a mix of red or white roses. We also love flowers in a tea pot although if you can find a hat similar to the Mad Hatter’s hat, you can turn it upside down, fill it with lots of flowers and voila, you have a cute centerpiece right there. Another option is to get heart-shaped balloons to replace those flowers, or maybe heart-shaped cookies or candies, if you prefer edible centerpieces.

We adore personalized centerpieces, so if you and your hubby doesn’t mind dressing up ala King and Queen of Hearts, and getting your photos taken, that photo will be a great decoration to adorn your guest tables.

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If you have a lot of tables, we think that numbering them will make it easier for your friends to locate their assigned tables. You can use different cards as your table number, so this means one of your guests can be in Ace Spade table, while another is in the King of Hearts table. But if you prefer a more straightforward numbering, you can still make it creative by associating each table number to an Alice in Wonderland character, so table 1 can be written in the Cheshire cat cutout, table 2 in a photo of the Queen of Hearts and so on.

And to conclude our wedding decoration ideas, you can choose to get tons of diamond, clover, spade and heart-shaped balloons, but if that is too much, then just get a mix of red, white and black balloons and those will work as well.

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