Asian Wedding Decorations

About Asian Wedding Decorations

There’s nothing like an authentic Chinese or Japanese restaurant as a perfect venue for your Asian wedding reception. Since these restaurants usually come with traditional decorations of Japanese lanterns or Chinese-looking chandeliers, more often than not, they already come with the right ambiance such that you only need to do a wee bit more for decoration purposes.

If you feel you still need more decorations to accentuate your chosen theme, then you must use these different Asian elements for your decorations –  Chinese vases, dragons in all shapes and sizes, paintings with lots of cherry blossoms, Japanese lanterns, chopsticks, Chinese takeout boxes, fortune cookies, Ang Paos or the popular red envelopes and of course, Chinese characters about love and happiness.

The Chinese character which means Double Happiness is very popular in weddings and is definitely worth adding. Not familiar with it? Be sure to check out our invitation page for reference.

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A solid red table cloth can adorn your guest tables. You have lots of choices for your centerpiece, which can be one of the following: a rectangle plate with Asian spoons (each Asian spoon can contain candies or fruits), a Japanese lantern, a bowl full of fortune cookies, some of those green and lucky bamboos, or a Chinese vase with lotuses.

We will leave it to you on whether to get balloons, but if you do decide to do so, we think that red balloons are worthy additions to what you have prepared so far. If you want to go beyond ordinary balloons, we saw some dragon balloons (a collection of balloons designed to look like a dragon) and we think they’ll elevate what you have prepared so far to the next level!

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