Baseball Wedding Decorations

About Baseball Wedding Decorations

Having your wedding and/or wedding reception right in the middle of a baseball field (or other areas where you can imagine playing baseball) is the best location to have your dream baseball wedding.

That should already give you some of the necessary atmosphere you want on your big day, but if you think you still need to add more, you can add some gloves, bats, caps, balls, banners, and shirts with logos and names of popular baseball teams in the picture.

If you want to go beyond that, we love the idea of an ice sculpture of a guy in the act of hitting the ball so we’re pitching that in. We also think that adding some baseball chairs (shaped like a baseball glove or ball) will make you and your groom some cool seats, not to mention a cool addition to your home after the wedding.

You can use some table cloth with baseball prints or just ones with solid colors following your favorite team’s colors to adorn your guest tables. That, plus the following centerpiece ideas will put your chosen theme right where you want it.

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For your centerpiece, you can choose to get teddy bears with sporty design (there are some which are designed with baseball in mind). Attach a teddy bear in an old wine bottle, use said bottle as flower vase and voila, you have a pretty and sporty centerpiece right there.

You can also get some transparent jars, fill it with baseballs, and whether you add some balloons or flowers in the picture, that will be a cool wedding centerpiece as well. Replacing those balls with Baby Ruths will also be fitting and therefore worth considering.

Whether you go for balloons with baseball designs or just ordinary-looking ones, choosing a balloon that follows your wedding motif will ensure that whatever you get will be a perfect addition to what you have prepared so far.

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