Beach Wedding Decorations

About Beach Wedding Decorations

And the cool thing about this theme and having it along the beach is that you have instant decoration and ambiance right there!

But if you feel you still need more decorations to accentuate your theme and you happen to be having a night beach wedding reception, some outdoor lanterns here and there will add to the atmosphere you’re aiming for.

We also think that placing some bamboo wind chimes in the right places will not just give you something pretty to look at but will also give you some great sounds as the wind blows. Flowers are great for decorations and a beach wedding requires a lot of colorful flowers in the right places to make it perfect.

Some romantic sand art here and there will not be amiss. If you are having a night reception, we think that digging some holes in the sand and placing some candles in the holes can add a lot to the atmosphere you’re aiming for.

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You and your new hubby definitely need the right seat on your wedding day and we think that a pair of beach chairs strategically placed will serve as your seats of honor. These will be a great addition to what you have prepared so far.

A white and lacy table cloth can adorn your guest tables. To add more pizzazz to your table, we think that a shallow dish containing some water, an orchid or two and a floating candle is a cool centerpiece idea.

If you prefer another idea, we think that seashells submerged in a jar of water is really pretty, not to mention very theme-based. But if you absolutely love flowers and thinks that a table won’t be properly adorned if there’s no flower in sight, then birds of paradise (or other tropical flowers) in an elegant vase will be more to your taste.

We will leave it to you on whether to get balloons, but we think that balloons that come in the color of the more popular tropical flowers (orange, yellow, hot pink, etc) are the balloons that you want in your beach wedding.

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