Black Wedding Decorations

About Black Wedding Decorations

Going for a posh place goes hand in hand with a black wedding theme, and that should still give you a lot of choices.

You can go for old but elegant and choose a castle or some similar edifice as your wedding location, which should give you some old-fashion ambiance that you cannot get if you go for an elegant but modern place. If you prefer the outdoors, then a castle courtyard or something similar should also work.

However, if you admire anything modern, then choosing a classy restaurant or better yet, an elegant hotel as your wedding location is the way to go.

Those locations should give you the right atmosphere, but if you feel you still need more decorations to accentuate your theme, then you must use these different elements for your decorations.

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Some grand-looking chandelier, silver and crystals in the right places, antique mirrors and paintings hanging from your walls, large oriental vases on certain areas plus never ending carpets can help you reach the right level of elegance. You can also position a Queen Anne or Sheraton style sofa/chair at the center, which is the perfect seat of any bride and groom couple.

A lacy table cloth in black can adorn your guest tables. Adding some antique and very elegant candelabras as your table centerpiece will be quite fitting. If you love flower centerpieces, some old but nice-looking vase can be used to house your Schwartzwalder calla lilies, but if you think the atmosphere is begging for a splash of colors,  then some pink and/or green flowers will be a cool alternative.

We will leave it to you on whether to get balloons, but if you decide to do so, we think that a white and/or black balloons are worthy additions to what you have prepared so far.

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