Butterfly Wedding Decorations

About Butterfly Wedding Decorations

A garden wedding is the perfect venue for a butterfly-themed wedding, since flowers and butterflies go perfectly together. But if you’re having an outdoor wedding during the summer, you might want to go for a venue with lots of trees and shades.

However, if you think an air-conditioned venue will be more to your taste, that should also be fine. Just ensure that your wedding venue decoration will include lots of flowers.

But if you feel you still need more decorations to accentuate your theme, adding tons of butterfly-shaped decorations in all sizes and colors will be quite fitting. Hearts “caught” in butterfly nets are cool additions as well. We also love the idea of a bubble machine in the picture and think they are worth considering.

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You can go for either a flowery table cloth or a lacy one to adorn your guest tables. To add more pizzazz to your table, we think that a shallow dish containing some water, rose petals and a butterfly-shaped floating candle is a cool centerpiece idea.

We also love the idea of lemons and/or limes submerged in a jar/vase of water since they will be a refreshing and colorful addition to your guest tables. Of course summer flowers like Gerber in old wine bottles are just perfect as table decorations. Adding a butterfly or two in the picture will not be amiss as well.

We will leave it to you on whether to get balloons, but we think that colorful balloons are the balloons that you want in your butterfly-themed wedding.

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