Celestial Wedding Decorations

About Celestial Wedding Decorations

A night time wedding reception is a MUST if you’re having a celestial wedding. Any place that is perfect for star gazing is a cool venue for this wedding theme. The roof deck of any skyscraper is also another cool venue candidate.

If that open space and those glittery stars is not enough decoration for you, then just add some glow in the dark items, a telescope here and there, star and moon cutouts wrapped in silver or gold foil, some glitter lamps in the right places, cute pictures of the different zodiac signs, and so on. The right lighting will also add to the atmosphere you’re setting and we think some bubbles from your bubble machine will also be cool.

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You can go for either a dark and silky table cloth to adorn your guest tables or a glittery one.  Either way, we think that adding a bowl full of glow in the dark items is a cool table decoration and so is a shallow dish with water and some star-shaped candles. Some star-shaped foil balloons or star flowers in an old wine bottle (we recommend that you also decorate the bottle with some glitters) will be just perfect.

Naming your tables either by planets or by some star names will stress your chosen theme so we suggest you go for it. Using some star-shaped or silvery place card holder is highly recommended.

Adding balloons on your celebration is definitely worth considering. For your celestial wedding, you can either go for glittery balloons or a number of balloons bunched together to look like a star. Both are fantastic additions to what you have prepared so far.

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