Cinderella Wedding Decoration

About Cinderella Wedding Decoration

Having your wedding in a castle, a courtyard of a castle or any grand establishment is recommended if you’re going for a Cinderella, a fairy tale or a princess wedding. Another option is to choose a location with a nice ballroom and the right antique setting, since those are the necessary elements which will fit your chosen theme.

That should already give you some of the necessary atmosphere you want for your Cinderella wedding, but if you think you still need to add more, hearts in all shapes and sizes, pink flowers especially roses, tiara, glass slippers, pumpkin carriage, castle, and a grandfather clock are just some of the elements that will add to your wedding’s Cinderella feel.

Some grand-looking chandelier, silver and crystals in the right places, antique mirrors and paintings hanging from your walls, large oriental vases on certain areas plus never ending carpets can also help you reach the right level of elegance fit for royalty.

We also think that having an ice sculpture in the shape of Cinderella’s glass slipper or pumpkin carriage will be an amazing addition.

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You also have lots of choices for your centerpiece, which can be one of the following: an antique yet grand-looking candleholder, a glass slipper full of candies, and a pumpkin candleholder (remove the stem and enough part of the pumpkin so you can sit the candle there securely) are just a few ideas.

We also love the idea of caramelized apples designed to look like Cinderella and her prince as a centerpiece, some pink balloons in a vase, or better yet, pink roses or calla lilies in old wine bottles. That’s indeed a lot of options and we’ll leave the tough job of deciding which to go for to you.

Whether you go for heart-shaped balloons or ordinary-looking ones, getting pink balloons or balloons that follows your wedding motif will ensure that whatever you get will be a perfect addition to what you have prepared so far.

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