Country Wedding Decoration Part 1

About Country Wedding Decoration

Your wedding should take place on the countryside. If you’re wondering which locations are great candidates, a barn-like place seems like a good idea, so is a wide open space with lots of grass, shrubs and trees. If you have a great location near a lake or something similar, that is also great.

Having your wedding at a country inn or family restaurant within the vicinity will bring more convenience on your preparations, so if you prefer not worrying about the structure of your location, what food to serve, who will serve, etc, then the last two options are your best bet.

Although the right location really helps setup the right atmosphere, we think there are still lots of room for more decoration, so daisies in all shapes and sizes, wildflowers, grains and their stalk, fruits specifically berries, baskets, wooden furniture and decorations, guitars, beers (esp those which comes in drums/barrels), animal furs, and such are just some of the elements that you can play with, and which can help you set the right appearance.

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We are great fans of nice entrances, and we think an arc made of flowers, fruits, grass, shrubs and the like, is something you can consider. An entrance made of a bamboo structure, decorated with more flowers and shrubs, is also another option.

But why remake what Mother Nature has perfected? If your location has a couple of tree across each other, with branches meeting in the middle like an arc, then you can make use of that as your group’s entrance, or maybe even where you and your hubby will make your vows.

That should save you lots of decoration effort, aside from the fact that going natural is the best approach for any country wedding.

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