Country Wedding Decoration Part 2

About Country Wedding Decoration

Inside your main wedding reception room, be sure to have a place for your country musicians, since serenading your guests with popular country music is a nice touch, if we may say so.

You can make use of grain stalks, branches, flowers, horseshoes to make your walls prettier and countrified. We also think that a giant wheel full of flowers, a wagon full of decorative country elements like flowers, grain stalks, grass, etc, the presence of a bunch of hay, placed on the right location, will be a nice touch.

You and your groom can have throne-like chairs made of wood as your seats of honor. Of course,  these should be placed strategically since you want to have a nice view of all things happening on this big day, right?

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For your guest tables, you have an option to make use of lacy and white cloth, simple white linen or checkered table cloth. For your centerpiece, you can make use of a cowboy hat to contain a bunch of wildflowers, but if you decided you prefer to make use of a watering can and use it as your vase, that will also make you one pretty centerpiece.

Of course, you can also go for the fruit centerpiece variety, which can be a basket of pear or assorted fruits, or a jar full of fruits submerged in water. Either ideas will work well with what you have so far.

We are great fans of balloons, and we think something in white and brown will do for your country wedding. But if you feel like going beyond the typical balloons, we saw some balloons with the right cow prints, which we think will be a nice addition on any country wedding, so make sure you check it out.

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